Tri-Color Pearl Couscous

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Bob's Red Mill Tri-Color Couscous is a fun way to liven up your meal with color! Also known as Israeli Couscous or Ptitim, this dish was created in the 1950s when rice, a staple in Israel, was scarce due to rationing. Wheat flour is rolled into tiny little balls (in this pack, some colored with paprika or spinach,) and toasted. It's ready to eat in just 10 minutes and can be used as you would use rice or pasta. Toss with veggies, pesto, pasta sauce, use as a bed for meats or stews, or let it stand alone as a stunning side dish.
Packing Size: 0.45kg
Minimum Order Value: SGD150 across all Phoon Huat products per order

Tags: Couscous