Tanglin Orchid Gin

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ABV 42%

Singapore’s FIRST hand crafted spirit, batch distilled in Singapore.
Tanglin was named after the Chinese name Twa Tang Leng which means “Great East Hill Peaks”. The Tiger infested Tanglin area was colonized by the Chinese to grow sireh, pepper, nutmeg and ginger
Old World - Modern Gin
Using some of the original Gin botanicals but with a twist “Secret: ingredient – Orchid (Singapore’s National Flower)”

The 11 botanicals include, 1. Juniper - the hero 2.Coriander Seed – for complex citrus 3.Licorice Root – For depth and earthy sweetness 4.Angelica Root 5.Orris Powder 6.Celeb 7.Cassia – for warmth 8.Amchoor – (Indian Dried Green Mangoes / powdered) – a sharp citrus note 9.Dendrobium Orchid – one of the 9 Chinese Immortality Herbs 10.Fruit of the Vanilla Orchid (Whole Vanilla Beans) – for smoothness 11.Organic Oranges swapped with Kumquats when in season – for brightness and sweetness.

Packaging Weight: 700ml
Packing Size: 1 bottle
Minimum Order Value: $450