Strawberry Crème Yoghurt

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It is a full-cream, Strawberry flavored yogurt that is ideal for growing children, active energetic people and the elderly, who all require good sources of absorbable calcium, protein and all the trace elements found in milk fat. All Natural: No Preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilizers or other artificial ingredients. Non GM (genetically modified), Wheat and Gluten Free, Halal Certified, Low GI (Glycemic index). Sweetened: This sachet comes pre-sweetened for just the right balance and flavor. Ingredients: Pasteurized whole and skim milk solids*(61%) from free range cows, sugar, nature identical flavor, live lactic cultures (l.bulgaricus, s.thermophilus, l.acidophilus, bifidobacteria), Natural color (beet). *Contains natural lecithin derived from soybean. The yogurt bases are made from the finest quality New Zealand milk powder, and come in a large range of types based on fat content plus Specialty ones such as Greek, Organic and Probiotic Biolife.
Product Size: 0.23kg
Packing Size: 0.23kg/pack
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