Speyside Water Perfectly Still

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Peek through the doors of two Michelin starred Le Gavroche. Steal a look into the kitchen at The Ledbury. Take your place at the table of Michelin starred The Kitchin.
You’ll find Speyside Glenlivet gracing the tables and playing a starring role in the kitchens of leading restaurants and hotels in the UK, and the world over.
The pinnacle of dining experiences, these establishments demand nothing but the very best ingredients. And sourcing them takes time, care and consideration. With these visionary chefs choosing to serve Speyside Glenlivet, it is little wonder that it is recognised as one the most exclusive, premium waters available.

Nose / Aroma
Neutral with slight lemony & grassy notes - a fresh summer’s day.
Neutral. Very soft, balanced feel.
Clean, mouth cleansing. Fresh, cleanses the palette fully.
Still: Soft, fresh, balanced mineral content. The ultimate mouth cleanser.
Packaging Weight: 350ml
Packing Size: 1 bottle
Minimum Order Value: $450

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