Santamania - Reserva

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ABV 41%

After almost 2 years of research, at the end of 2014, SANTAMANÍA
launched a limited-edition oak-aged gin, our Madrid Dry Gin
RESERVA. The effect of French oak on the delicate nuances of an
authentic Madrid Dry Gin have created a truly balanced, sophisticated
and surprising drink.

A very light, bright amber in colour, this RESERVA gin is full of
nuances (orange and lemon citrus flavours as well as creamy notes). On
the palate, it is unctuous and evolves in several stages. The typical gin
notes are subtly apparent at first, (juniper, angelica root, coriander and
cinnamon), gradually evolving into more complex flavours, (liquorice,
white pepper and ginger).

Packaging Weight: 700ml
Packing Size: 1 bottle
Minimum Order Value: $450