Santamania - Madrid

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ABV 41%

In SANTAMANÍA Madrid Dry Gin, the grapes come into
contact with the flavours and aromas of the finest botanicals,
chosen grain by grain by expert master distiller Víctor Fraile.
Víctor has travelled all over Spain in search of the best
botanicals, and this is why the brand uses top quality Spanish
citrus fruits and the tastiest raspberries from the Jerte valley.
Foreign ingredients have only been used when they do not exist
in Spain.
In addition to this, the maceration and infusion of the
botanicals takes place in a single process known as “one-shot”
distillation. This, along with the great care taken to ensure the
correct maceration time for each of them (which can range from 4
to 24 hours), means the gin is very pure, round and completely

Packaging Weight: 700ml
Packing Size: 1 bottle
Minimum Order Value: $450