Sakurao Gin - Hanagou

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ABV 47%

The very first small batch, highly limited release by Hiroshima’s innovative Sakurao distillery, the Hamagou is named after the purple, coastal flowers that grow on the famed island of Miyajima, home to the Itsukushima shrine.

With only 5,000 bottles being released, this is a very limited addition to the vibrant Japanese craft gin category.

Herbal and soft floral notes lead the nose before touches of mint, pepper, incense, and citrus play around on the palate.

The finish lingers, led by freshness and a touch of warm spice. A special gin by the award-winning Sakurao team, celebrating one of Japan’s most famous UNESCO World Heritage sights.

Packaging Weight: 700ml
Packing Size: 1 bottle
Minimum Order Value: $450