Pothecary Gin

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ABV  44.8%

The end product is a unique gin – on the nose, the florals really come
through; you can close your eyes and easily be transported to a meadow at
first light. The tilia flowers add a strong, honey-like smell but the juniper hints
at what lies beneath.

To taste, there’s a lavender explosion – it’s strong and herbal and savoury,
though this yields to juniper and a waxy lemon peel, the latter circling back to
dominate after the tilia flower brings its honeyed sweetness. This is a smooth,
full bodied and bold gin at 44.8% and certainly worth trying for those with a
penchant for floral forward gins.

To make their gin, the duo use fractional distillation, treating each botanical
element as a separate distillate and blending them together into their carefully
considered recipe.

They currently have a 35 litre copper pot still in which they exclusively distill
juniper, and a 3.5 litre copper pot still that they use for the rest of their
botanicals. The Provencal lavender lends a savoury note to the gin,while
Anatolian mulberries bring a sweet, jammy taste and tilia flowers, wild-foraged
in Poland, lend a honeytone.

Packaging Weight: 500ml
Packing Size: 1 bottle
Minimum Order Value: $450