POLANIN Pilsner 6 pack

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POLANIN craft Pilsner is medium bodied with hints of tanginess, combined with the uniquely deep taste, floral aromas, and crisp finish with a pinch of bitterness given by the finest Polish hops. All complemented by its beautiful golden colour.
The longer maturing process and the best natural ingredients make POLANIN Pilsner just the way Pilsner should be.

POLANIN is the first Polish craft beer in Asia, always brewed in Poland from locally sourced ingredients. POLANIN combines the best Polish traditions of beer brewing together with the look and feel that brings the Polish folk traditions and designs back to life. POLANIN brings you the taste of Europe that you haven’t experienced yet...

From Europe, from Poland – POLANIN

ABV: 5%

Volume: 330ml x 6
Case Size: 4 x 6 bottles
Minimum Order: 5 cases across all POLANIN products