Passion Fruit & Soursop (Seedless) Puree

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No Artificial Colours or Flavourings
100% Fresh Fruit Purée

Now you will see the versatility of the soursop fruit. The third variation of our fusion soursop purées.

When we extracted the golden goodness from the passion fruit, we thought that it was great alone, but the thing is we wanted it to be better than great.

What we have managed to do here is blend these two fruits together to bring you the taste of heaven. Rallying together to immerse you with a myriad of vitamins, antioxidants and fruit fibres.

This product is used to create a myriad of different beverages, such as smoothies, ice blended, milkshakes and even cocktails.

Our recommendation: Simply place desired amount of purée into a 500ml glass, filled with ice and soda water. Garnish with a lime. Serve! It is that easy!