Organc Cracked Freekeh 16Oz

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Feast on Freekeh, a flavorful, high-fiber whole grain food that cooks quickly and tastes delicious. Freekeh (also known as farik or frikeh) is the name for roasted young wheat, and it is a traditional food of the Middle East and Northeastern Africa. Our Organic Cracked Freekeh cooks up in just 25 minutes for an easy, quick whole grain addition to your dinner table. This organic roasted green wheat has a subtle smoky flavor and pleasantly chewy texture, which makes it ideal for satisfying side dishes like savory salads and spiced pilafs. For a hearty hot cereal, try a bowl of cracked freekeh topped with milk, honey, nuts and fruit.

Product Size: 450g
Packing Size: 450g/pack
Minimum Order Value: SGD150 across all Phoon Huat products per order