HeyHah Premium Onion Chips

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100% Natural; Contains Real Fruits & Vegetables

Onions contain rare minerals that help defend against heart disorders and diabetes, as well as phytochemicals that reduce free radicals in the body and prevent cancer.

Our chips undergo Vacuum Frying (VF) using a small amount of rice bran oil at just 60ºC-80ºC. Unlike conventional chips, HeyHah retains the original plants' nutrients, taste and colour while having its signature crisp.

HeyHah chips are Gluten-free, vegan friendly and halal certified. HeyHah is also 100% Traceable with BRC global certification for food safety. There is no added sugar, artificial flavours, colourings or preservatives.

Packaging Weight: 48x20g
Packing Size: 1kg/carton
Minimum Order Quantity: 2 cartons
Minimum Order Value: $282.24 across all Cheung Wo Food Supply products