Gosset Grande Reserve Champagne (Jame Suckling:92)

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Visual:Light gold.

Aroma: Alluring nose suggestive of white-fleshed fruits (pear).

Palate:Wonderful, fleshy, mouth-coating attack driven by fruit with refined effervescence. The mid-palate and finish are livelier imparting savoury freshness. Makes a wonderful aperitif.

Food Pairing: Light appetizers.

Winery History/Region: Founded in 1584, Gosset is the oldest wine producer in Champagne. Today Champagne Gosset is owned by the Cointreau family, also owners of Cognac Frapin.Gosset wines are a classic expression of the tradition of Champagne, at once powerful and full of finesse. Wonderfully fresh when young, they age superbly, mellowing into wines of great grace and refinement.

Terroir: A Dual Climate-- the Champagne terroir has two major distinguishing features: northerly latitude and a dual climate that is subject to oceanic and continental influences alike.
A Limestone Subsoil-- another key feature of the Champagne terroir is its predominantly limestone subsoil, which keeps the vines naturally watered all year round.

Volume: 750ml
Packing Size:  1 btl
Minimum Order: 6 btls