ABV 42.30%

A unique process that combines traditional methods with the latest gastronomic
techniques in low-temperature distillation.
This preserves the essence and freshness of our selection of Mediterranean (lemon,
citron, laurel) and exotic botanicals (kaffir lime leaves, black, cardamom, coriander
seeds), which combined in just the right proportions with juniper, result in
unparalleled flavour and aroma.
The gastronomic gin
Aroma : The nose offers an excellent aromatic intensity, essentially fresh with crispy
citrus and floral notes and green tips of the combination of lemon, citron and kaffir
lime leaf. Juniper is present in a very structured aromatic base with the alcohol
perfectly integrated.
Taste : Full—bodied and voluminous on the palate, it is smooth, pleasant and elegant.
Floral aspects with a velvety feel, spicy and effervescent hints and a subtle smoky
nuance. Freshness and warmth evenly coexist with a balsamic background,
characteristic of juniper. Its lingering finish on the palate is long and delightful.

Packaging Weight: 700ml
Packing Size: 1 bottle
Minimum Order Value: $450