gfJules Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Flour (24oz)

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gfJules is consistently voted the best gluten free flour by GF consumers because it works. Just like a flour you’d hoped to find to replace your wheat flour. That’s exactly what Jules set out to do, and what she didn’t stop trying to achieve until she’d achieved it. Good for you! Now you can buy one gluten free flour to use in all of your recipes. Your great aunt’s pie crust, your mom’s dinner rolls, an awesome-looking cookie recipe you stumbled across. Jules’ all-purpose gluten free flour epitomizes the word “all purpose.” The five flours plus xanthan gum she painstakingly combined and re-combined and tested and tweaked mimic the bulk-to-starch ratio of wheat flour. Which means it performs like wheat flour in all of your recipes. And defies belief on a daily basis.
Product Size: 24oz
Minimum Order Quantity: S$150