Eat Your Hat Milk Chocolate With Cardamon Organic

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Deliciously snappable, guideline-free chocolate, with a twist. An ambrosial tablet of smooth milk chocolate (38% cocoa) spiced with toe-tappingly aromatic Sri Lankan cardamom. This jazzy tablet of cardamom-infused milk chocolate is made with a selection of fair trade cocoa beans, grown by smallholder farmers in S?o Tom‚, Peru, Dominican Republic and Bolivia, and transformed into delicious chocolate by us over here in England. The wonderfully aromatic green cardamom in this chocolate is grown, harvested and ground in Sri Lanka. That'll explain its sun-stacked flavour. Bio Foods (an ethical company based in Kandy) works with farmers across the island, providing support and employment to locals. And they're all about their tea, spices and coconut ? three things Sri Lanka is particularly famous for.
Pack Size: 10 X 91g
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