Biona Juice Pomegranate Organic

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Biona organic pomegranate juice with no added cane or beet sugar, is made from carefully selected pomegranates. They are pressed and bottled to produce this delicious 100% pure juice. Its characteristic taste is refreshing and exotic at the same time. Pomegranate has been known for centuries for its many health benefits, and now studies are suggesting that drinking concentrated pomegranate juice can help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, aid in slowing prostate cancer and lower the risk of heart attacks. One 150ml glass of pomegranate is one of your five-a-day. Storage instructions once opened store chilled and consume within 3 days. Enjoy our Biona organic pomegranate juice mixed with other juices, smoothies, added to yoghurt or as a tasty topping for desserts or muesli. Our Biona Organic Carrot and Pomegranate Juices are ambient products and have therefore been pasteurised in order to give them a longer shelf-life, unlike fresh juices that need to be kept refrigerated before opening and used quicker. The juices are 'flash' pasteurised, meaning they are heated to between 90-95 degrees Celsius for about 45 seconds. This ensures that the product will keep well for a long period of time and this 'flash' pasteurisation ensures there is no detrimental effect to the flavour or colour as a result.
Pack Size: 6 X 1L
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