Banana Yoghurt

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Banana is a creamy whole milk, flavoured yoghurt. Ideal for growing children, active energetic people or the elderly - all who require good sources of absorbable calcium, protein and all the trace elements found in milk fat. Yoghurt is packed with billions of live cultures in every mouthful so not only is it delicious but it's good for you too! Each of the Sachets will make 1 full litre of yoghurt Ingredients Pasteurised whole & skim milk solids from free range cows, sugar, live lactic cultures (l.bulgaricus, s.thermophilus, l.acidophilus), natural colouring, flavouring, natural lecithin derived from soyabean.
Product Size: 0.23kg
Packing Size: 0.23kg/pack
Minimum Order Value: SGD150 across all Phoon Huat products per order